Microsoft’s recruiting more Engineers for its expanding Cloud Infrastructure

Molly GriffinMolly Griffin, Senior Staffing Manager
Global Foundation Services

Microsoft has 38 years of experience in software design, and well-known business and consumer products like Windows, Office, and Xbox wouldn't exist without the software developers who helped create them. Software is at the core of Microsoft's own infrastructure where it's being used to advance the scalability, reliability, and efficiency of our service operations. Today we're hiring the next software development stars to help us grow our global cloud-scale infrastructure to meet the incredible customer demand for Microsoft's 200+ cloud services.

Global Foundation Services (GFS) organization, the team responsible for designing, building, and operating Microsoft's cloud infrastructure, has seven new software engineering roles listed among the 134 jobs posted this week. As Microsoft's Director of Datacenter Design and Architecture David Gauthier explained earlier this year, more and more we're looking to software to solve complex challenges associated with rapid infrastructure growth. Software is helping us in a range of ways, including supply chain management, incident response and resolution, automating data migration, while improving the general resiliency of our services. With the massive scale of our operations, if existing products or tools don't offer the features we need, we build them ourselves to work with existing Microsoft applications.

Whether it's writing or testing code, or implementing software tools across teams, software development skills are essential in managing our infrastructure operations. I've highlighted three positions below that showcase the range of software development roles available within GFS today, including two that offer management opportunities:   

  • Lead Software Development Engineer - Redmond, Washington: From code check-in to production within 24 hours with 100% confidence. That's our vision. Simple, yet very challenging to pull off. We're looking for a development lead to make our vision reality and help improve the efficiency of hundreds of developers and deliver products to market faster. Full job description here 
  • Software Development Engineer in Test II - Redmond, Washington:  This role owns testing supply chain solutions from end-to end. This person will help design solutions to simplify procurement processes and improve asset data quality. They must also understand supply chain management system and one ERP system (preferably Dynamics AX from Microsoft). The candidate needs the ability to write automations using one programming language.  Full Job description here  
  • Senior Software Development Lead - Redmond, Washington:  The Senior Software Development Lead will manage both development and testing activities and must have the ability to solve problems in a self-directed, methodical, and data-driven manner. They should also enjoy developing talent and have a passion for creating and delivering software. Full job description here

If you would like to join the team that is leading the design, build, and operations of one of the world's largest clouds, make sure to visit the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Jobs Listings page today to view our open positions. If you are interested in one of these roles, click the job description links above and/or on our jobs listing page to and submit your resume, or send us an email to You can also catch up on our past blog posts that highlight other positions within GFS ( AugustJuly).  

Molly Griffin, Senior Staffing Manager, Global Foundation Services