Future of Modeling

The Connected Systems Division was featured in Information Week today and they vaguely mentioned my project.

"In the past a very select group of users has used modeling. Microsoft is going to make modeling mainstream for the average developer," said Martin.

The details of the new capabilities will be provided in an opening keynote by Robert Wahbe, VP of the Connected Systems Division, and Don Ferguson, Microsoft technical fellow.

BizTalk Vesion 6.0 for SOA, Visual Studio 10 and System Center 5.0 will all eventually be equipped with modeling capabilities. "We want to get rid of terms like 'import' and 'export.' We want to have a unified approach to modeling," Martin added...

Microsoft plans to start delivering beta versions of its software with the modeling capabilities in 2008. No date was set when the capabilities would be merged into the existing product lines.


[UPDATE] More info has surfaced along with an actual mention of our project's codename (Oslo): http://searchsoa.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid26_gci1280299,00.html

[UPDATE 2] Looks like there are going to be tons of articles about this today. I'll include a couple more and then leave you to find them on your own: