Getting Started with Power Query for Excel

Power Query v1 launched a few months ago. Power Query is part of the Microsoft Power BI suite. If you’re interested in getting started with Power Query, here are some helpful resources:

  • Help page – This includes helpful topics such as the Introduction to Microsoft Power Query for Excel
  • Download v1  - This is our officially released version. Start here if you’re using this for official purposes and need a version with a “go-live” license.
  • Download v2 Preview – This is the preview of our next versions which has quite a few new features. If you’re just getting started, this is a great place to start.
  • Power BI blog – This blog contains the latest updates for the Power BI suite of products (which includes Power Query) and has some great samples that feature Power Query. I’ll have a post going up there soon.
  • Power BI forum – Our product team watches these forums closely. We love to hear your feedback and are happy to answer your questions.

If you see references to “Data Explorer” on this blog or others, that was the code name for Power Query.