The beta version of GraphWise is now available to the public. A 10,000 foot view of the app is that they are a search engine for numerical data. In fact, their home page currently states that they have created over 150 million data tables. Now that they have colleted all this data, you can piece it together to create graphs.

I have to admit that I'm fascinated by the algorithms that run in the background. Just think for a minute about trying to search the web for all that data. Not only do you have to find data, but you have to make sense of it automatically. Then you need to store it in some format that can be combined with data from another unrelated corner of the web. It boggles the mind.

Check out some of the graphs they have posted in their "glog." Then go ahead and try to make some graphs of your own. Making that jump can be a bit tricky. It would be useful to me if the demo graphs were also tutorials that included step by step directions to reproduce the graphs that they are featuring. This would not only highlight their technology but help users along the learning curve.