Never Lose Product Keys

Click here to visit Windows Marketplace

How many times have you bought software on the web and then lost the product key? I have a couple programs sitting unused at home because I have no idea where I put the key or who to contact to recover it.

Windows Live Marketplace is out of it's beta stage. The site is already pretty popular (7 million customers per month.) It aims to be your one stop shop for buying Windows software. You can fill your cart with products from multiple different companies and buy them all with one transaction.

My favorite feature is that all your software and product keys are stored on the site for later retrieval. Brilliant! Many of the downloads are free and some are on sale, so hurry over and check it out.

Disclaimer: I should probably admit the Marketplace team gave me free ice cream multiple times last week and I get a free t-shirt for making this post. But I'm a fair guy... if you want me to post about your product, send me ice cream and clothing.