The mystery behind NotForNoobs is over. It turns out that it really is a Microsoft marketing campaign and the target of the marketing looks pretty sweet. It's a high end gaming mouse (retailing for $69.95.)

I'm not doing a lot of PC gaming right now (I'm hooked on my 360), but who doesn't want a mouse that glows?

From the website:

  • Interchangeable Side Button Panels provide gamers with two options for different hand sizes or preferences.
  • 2,000 DPI Laser Engine, Powered by Razer Precision, delivers super-fast response time.
  • On-the-fly DPI lets players adjust DPI for controlled sensitivity.
  • Always-On™ Mode Pioneered by Razer gives gamers virtually no latency.
  • High-speed motion detection lets gamers get their speed on with movement of up to 45 inches per second and 20G acceleration.
  • Seven programmable buttons with Hyperesponse allow gamers to program their button functions; Razer’s Hyperesponse technology reduces latency.
  • On-board profile memory enables gamers to store up to five game control profiles on the mouse.
  • Ultra-slick Teflon feet let gamers enjoy smooth and quiet gliding.
  • Ergonomic design features GlowPipe™ side rails and large, rubber-coated buttons.
  • Thin, flexible wire provides gamers with the speed of a wired mouse with the feel of a wireless device.