What's My Motivation?

As a test engineer, it is my job to design and write tests that find every possible bug or defect in the software. My test team is motivated by the drive to ship a quality product.

But what about testers who benefit from bugs in their software? For example, my phone bill had an error. This was an error that should have been caught in testing (and I'm guessing it was caught.) What motivation is there to fix the bug? Sure their billing software has to be mostly right, but if only 0.1% of bills result in errors they'll make money. How many people pay their bill without examining it? The extra money made from those incorrect bills might cover the costs of the extra customer service calls and a small amount of negative feedback.

This post unfortunately has an air of conspiracy theory to it. Every software company knowledgeably ships bugs due to schedule and budget. I'm just wondering if unscrupulous project managers ship bugs because they profit from the bugs?