PowerShell Workflow for Mere Mortals: Part 3

Summary : Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson continues his five-part series about Windows PowerShell Workflow.
Hey, Scripting Guy! So what’s up with Windows PowerShell workflows and activities? I do not know what an activity is. Can you help me?
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Note This is the third in a five-part series of blog posts about Windows PowerShell Workflow for “mere mortals.” Before you read this post, please read:

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Workflow activities
A Windows PowerShell Workflow is made up of a series of activities. In fact, the basic unit of work in a Windows PowerShell Workflow is called an activity. There are five types of Windows PowerShell Workflow activities that are available for use. The following table describes the types of activities.



CheckPoint-Workflow (alias = PSPersist)

Takes a checkpoint. Saves the state and data of a workflow in progress. If the workflow is interrupted or rerun, it can restart from any checkpoint.
Use the Checkpoint-Workflow activity along with the PSPersist workflow common parameter and the PSPersistPreference variable to make your workflow robust and recoverable.

ForEach -Parallel

Runs the statements in the script block once for each item in a collection. The items are processed in parallel. The statements in the script block run sequentially.


Allows all statements in the script block to run at the same time. The order of execution is undefined.


Creates a block of sequential statements within a parallel script block. The Sequence script block runs in parallel with other activities in the Parallel script block. However, the statements in the Sequence script block run in the order in which they appear. Sequence is valid only within a Parallel script block.


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