Am I a PC? (a quick comparison)

Yesterday I posted “I am a Device” to the blog, and got a comment back that “we are what we eat”, so we could be a cheeseburger, or a slice of lemon loaf, but we cannot be a “PC” – but there are a number of similarities between a PC and a person, some of which are listed below – how many items need to be the same before you can say that you really are a PC?

  • Central Processing Unit – Check! – Some peoples CPU appear to be faster/better than others, same is also true of a PC
  • Memory – Check! – again, some people appear to have more, better, faster memory than others
  • Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) – Check! (moving right along…)
  • Support for a wide array of peripherals – Check! – Most of us use a large array of peripherals every day, like my car for example – My car requires an appropriate driver, some drivers are better than others, some drivers are known to crash every so often…
  • Mail – Check! – I have the ability to both send and receive mail (through the postal system), I only send useful mail, and I get a ton of junk mail in return (wouldn’t it be good to have a “real mail” filter)
  • Viruses – Check!
  • Browser – Check! – Some people are very good at spending hours wandering around the shopping mall!
  • Office – Check! – This is where I spend most of my time, in fact, I’m sat in my office while I’m typing this blog post.
  • Windows – Check! – Luckily I’ve been at Microsoft long enough to have a Window office, and have quite the view of the new campus construction site.

Did I miss anything?

- Mike