Cambridge/UK – a strange place.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Cambridge/UK for business meetings – I arrived the day before meetings started to give me some time to shake off jetlag and walk around the city.

The city has many of the landmarks you would expect from a typical English city, including iconic Telephone boxes…


Amazing architecture… (St Johns College)


Take this Church for example, this was built at 1130, or just before lunch…


And of course there are plenty of places to sit, relax, drink your favorite caffeinated beverage, and watch the world go by…


There are also some amazing eateries in Cambridge, one that stands out is the Maharajah, a great place to get some traditional British food.


And that’s where Cambridge starts to get a little strange…

One evening a small group and I decided to head out for curry, unfortunately we arrived at the Maharajah before opening time, the restaurant appeared to be empty, no sign of life… But, a sign in the window did seem to indicate that even though the place was closed “take out” was still available… interesting…


Everything seemed to go downhill from that point onwards…

Punting appears to be a very popular activity in Cambridge, most “punters” appear to use their punt (boat) and a long pole to get around the river Cam (see below).


There are obviously some professional punters out on the river, these professionals can get by without their pole! “amazing”


And, the city is obviously overrun with musicians, so much so that they can afford to simply throw away some of the players that are not so good.


Cambridge, cool but strange…

- Mike