Last day in NZ - next stop Seattle...

Today was our second, and last day in NZ, last evening we presented a mini-MEDC at the local convention center covering Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded tools and technologies - today we had a series of customer meetings, and had an hour or so over lunchtime to get up onto the hills above ChCha (Christchurch) - the views from the top of the hills are amazing (see below).

Vox 014

The country is just coming into autumn, leaves are falling from the trees, and there's a slight chill in the air, feels nice - it's odd to come from Seattle where we're just coming into Summer to a place like NZ where everyone is getting ready for winter and seeing signs like this outside a Pub.

Vox 004

The architecture around the city is amazing, the place feels just like the UK (apart from the 40 million sheep staring at you from the fields!) - we even managed to catch a few minutes of choir practice in the cities Cathedral at 5pm today.

Vox 007

The hotel doesn't have a restaurant in the main building, to get something to eat you need to leave the hotel and walk to the old government building which now includes a Spa and restaurant - it's good to see that some of these old, historic buildings are being put to good use (see below).

Vox 008

I'm planning on recording a "screencast" to show some of the new tools we're shipping with CE 6.0 SP1, these include eXdi2 (extended debug interface) for the ARM Device Emulator, Remote Tools Framework (RTFx) and CEDebugX, which is perhaps one of the coolest tool additions to Windows CE in some time - I'm hoping to get this done during the coming week and get this posted to the MSDN Channel9 screencast page - I will of course let you know when this is ready for viewing.

- Mike