MEDC 2007: Sumo Competition (Photos).

Here's a set of photos from this years MEDC Sumo Robotics competition - thanks to Vetala Hawkins (the official event photographer for taking some amazing shots from the event).

The first photo really captures the excitement of watching vacuum cleaners fight!


As usual, the Sumo competition really is the highlight of the attendee party, interestingly, in one of the video interviews one of the contestants (keeping the name out of the blog here <g>) mentioned that he'd not been to any sessions and had just been working on his robotics code!


Here's Michael Buffer announcing the competition - the Tao nightclub is a really cool place to hold the attendee party, the Kobe Beefburger Sliders with ginger ketchup were really tasty!


Here's a shot of the nightclub - you can see that everyone is focused on the competition...


And here's the winner of the MEDC 2007 Sumo Robotics Competition, congratulations Brian Warren!

SumoBot Champion 01

- Mike