VS2015 Remote Debugging JavaScript – Resources

Some of the resource I have found useful in the past. I'll keep updating the list as and when I find good article. Please feel free to send me your list too!

  1. What's New in F12 for "Project Spartan" by Andy

  2. F12 developer tools MSDN article

    1. Inspect running JavaScript with the Debugger
    2. Diagnosing memory problems in your webpages
  3. If you are a debugging guru and you like to deal with bit and bytes then you may find following blog useful. Starting with Windows 8, you can identify JavaScript function or line of code that was executing when the dump was captured.

    Finally... JavaScript source line info in a dump

  4. You can also use standalone tools like PerfView (no installation required) to identify offending JavaScript code.

    PerfView does JavaScript investigations too

  5. DebugDiag is another tool you may want to become familiar with. It allows you to automate some of the debugging work so you can spend more time designing and developing applications.

    1. Debug Diagnostic Tool – Blog
    2. The DebugDiag 2.0 Team

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