~7 Hours Recordings from the WIF Workshops

These are the recordings of the main sessions of the latest WIF Workshop are now available  on Channel9!

The course starts from the very high level intro you’ve seen various times, and progresses into the deepest WIF training content we’ve ever published (that is, until this bad boy will be finally on the shelves).

In short you can expect to see a new version of the Identity Developer Training Kit, which will include the slides used during the class and embedded players pointing to those very videos: together with the usual labs, that will truly be an event-in-a-box package.

WIF Workshop 1: Introduction to Claims-Based Identity and WIF

This session provides a light introduction to claims-based identity: the problems it solves, the canonical authentication scenario, key concepts and terminology. The main Windows Identity Foundation API surface for non-security developers is introduced.

WIF Workshop 2: Lab on Basic Web Sites

The first lab of the workshop offers an overview of what can be achieved when using WIF with Web sites: authentication externalization, integration with IsInRole and ASP.NET authorization, customization of the application via claims, claims-based authorization. This video introduces the viewer to the lab format and gives some advices about lab execution.

WIF Workshop 3: Scenarios and Architecture I

Explores scenarios based on Patterns and Practices publication.

Joel Reyes