ARCast.TV - Building an Integrated Office Solution Using Word, OpenXML and SharePoint 2010


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While attending and presenting at TechEd 2010, Jawa Buddhavarapu and Murali Bala shared with Zhiming Xue “Dr. Z” their experience of building an integrated Office solution at Westat using Microsoft Word, OpenXML and SharePoint 2010. Check out this interview to find out:
- Why they choose Office Word as the frontend user interface and SharePoint for the backend;
- What they have done to enable users to get data from multiple data sources using familiar user interface in Word;
- How they manage security and user permissions with information stored in an external database and ERP system;
- What search functions they provide using metadata and built-in search capabilities; and
- What first-hand lessons they learned through the multi-phased project.

Tags: Office 2010, Office Business Applications, Open XML, sharepoint 2010, Westat, Word 2010

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