ARCast.TV - Creating Windows Phone 7 Apps Using a Configuration Tool

PointAbout is a three-year-old startup company based in the Washington DC area. The company plans, develops and deploys mobile experience for the world’s leading organizations.

During the interview with Zhiming Xue “Z”, Kevin Lenane and Derek Tiffany at PointAbout talked about their development efforts in porting a AppMaker that was originally created for iPhone and Android to the new Microsoft mobile platform -- Windows Phone.  With ease of use and simplicity, this standalone desktop configuration tool (a web version will soon be released) enables non-developers to create Windows Phone 7 applications using RSS feeds, images and other data elements which can then be published to the Microsoft marketplace. For enterprise customers, the application also enables users to submit real-time and location aware data and rich media contents to a backend database for further integration and analysis. Check out the video to find out their passion on creating Windows Phone 7 applications and a quick demo of the tool. (An extended demo is available here.)

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