ARCast.TV - Designing and Deploying SharePoint 2010 for a Global Audience

Since 1987 Quest Software, with more than 60 offices in 23 countries, has helped more than 100,000 customers around the world reduce cost of managing IT ā€“ including the top 10 companies in several industries. It provides services in a variety of areas such as Windows, databases and applications, or in physical, virtual or cloud environments.

At TechEd 2010, Joel Oleson, Sr. Product Manager and SharePoint Evangelist at Quest Software, shared with Zhiming Xue ā€œZā€ his insights in designing and deploying SharePoint solutions for a global audience. During this interview, he discussed common scenarios and challenges for SharePoint global deployment, improved experience SharePoint 2010 has brought into the deployment process in several key areas such as SharePoint workspace (aka Groove), service applications, federated search, and multi-lingual user interface. Joel also discussed the pros and cons of the two common SharePoint, including the built-in MySite, deployment options -- centralized deployment vs. regionalized deployment. Throughout the discussion Joel emphasized the importance of planning for SharePoint deployment and working with your IT teams. Check out the interview and find out what Joel has to share with you and why he thinks you can help with the SharePoint community.

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