Azure PowerPass – Get 30 days of Windows Azure for free!


Looking for a no hassle way to give Windows Azure a try? The Windows Azure PowerPass is a 30 Day trial of Windows Azure so you can put it through its paces. Simply follow the below instructions and your Azure environment will be provisioned in just a few business days including:


 Windows Azure

  • 4 small compute instances
  • 3GB of storage
  • 250,000 storage transactions

SQL Azure

  • Two 1GB Web Edition database


  • 100,000 Access Control transactions
  • 2 Service Bus connections
  • 3 GB in / 3 GB out





Azure PowerPass FAQ:


· How do I get started with my Windows Azure Trial?: Send an email to and the auto-response will include a URL and Promo Code. On the provided page, enter your code and other required information to initiate the request (a Windows LiveID is required).


· When will my Azure Environment be ready to access?: The environment will take 2-4 business days to provision and you will be notified when it’s available.


· Where can I find getting started resources?: There will be links to various resources provided with in the auto-response email. Its recommended that you review this information while your environment is being provisioned.


· Will a credit card be required for activation?: No. Unlike the Azure Benefits including in MSDN Subscriptions, a credit card is not required for activation.


· How long does the trial last?: The trial will run for 30 days and a grace period will be offered to provide time to save and offload any work. The account will be deleted at the end of the grace period.


· What Azure components does the Environment provide?: Windows Azure (4 small compute instances, 3GB of storage, 250,000 storage transactions) - SQL Azure (Two 1GB Web Edition database) – AppFabric (100,000 Access Control transactions, 2 Service Bus connections - Data Transfers (3 GB in, 3 GB out).

· Can someone request multiple trials?: Yes, however all of the data will be deleted from the account at the end of each trial.

· What support is available?: You can get no-cost Azure support with Microsoft Platform Ready.

· Who can I talk to about Azure applicability and specifics within my Agency or Organization?: Please can contact Microsoft Public Sector Azure experts at