Building Custom Document Workflow in SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 (Live Webcast Demonstration)



Think of it as an "investment" in your career .  SharePoint (or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) and the ability to build Workflow's are two of the most highly sought after capabilities in the IT Market today by the Government, Private Industry, and IT Consulting Firms.  SharePoint is one of those products that has had massive adoption in the IT world, and Workflow (or Document Workflow in this case) was one of the missing pieces until now (unless you used a 3rd party solution), so take this opportunity to learn how to build Custom Document Workflow in MOSS 2007 and increase your knowledge and value to your organization.

When (two dates for the same demonstration)

For, Tuesday, May 15th @ 11:00A EST Register by clicking here

or, for Tuesday, June 19th @ 10:30A EST, Register by clicking here


This talk will focus on one of the most commonly asked questions about SharePoint (MOSS 2007), and that is: “How do I Building Custom Document Workflow Solutions in SharePoint?”.  This talk will be completely demonstration-oriented with slides used only to describe the workflow (graphically), well ok, maybe 2 marketing slides J.  The goal of this talk is to demonstrate BY EXAMPLE how non-Developers and Developers alike can build Custom Document Workflow solutions.  You will discover by watching how this custom workflow scenario is built, that you could easily build your own custom document workflow's to accomplish the goals of your organization. 

Today’s talk will mimic a common business scenario “HR Recruiting”, where in our workflow:

· Candidates will send their resumes from an email address outside of the (internally-facing) SharePoint HR Portal

· The portal will be configured to automatically receive the resume

· The portal, using Workflow will send an automated response to the candidate

· The workflow will then create and assign a task (linked to Outlook) along with the attached resume, requesting that a Recruiter reviews and provides feedback on the resume

· If the recruiter thinks that the applicant is a fit, the workflow will then automatically send the resume to the appropriate Hiring Manager (using a data-list of Job Openings/Hiring Mangers).

· If the hiring manager wants to interview the candidate, the workflow will automatically send that request to the recruiter


What you will learn

· How to enable a SharePoint site (SharePoint Lists) to receive email from outside of the portal

· How to attach a workflow to a document library (or any other SharePoint List)

· How to manipulate and save short-term and long-term workflow data

· How to assign tasks (hooked to a users Outlook) and send e-mail via a workflow

· How to log workflow steps into a history file to track and certify activities (e.g., tracking that an email has been sent to someone)

· How to do create workflow

Who should come?

The demonstrations will be done using the out of the box User Interface of the MOSS Portal (SharePoint Portal) and The SharePoint Designer tool.  SharePoint Designer is a RAD Tool for Developers, yet it has an interface that even Power Users will be able to build basic workflow. That being said, this is still a technical subject, so some knowledge of Process Management or Software Development will help you understand the process better.