Building WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Services with WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) - Recorded Web Cast

I've just viewed a very interesting web cast (hosted by Channel9) by Pravin Indukar (Program Manager for Microsoft), where he talks about how WCF and Workflow are integrated in Visual Studio 2008.  I've done quite a bit with both WCF and Workflow (even wrote a few workshops on both).  One of the things that I thought was missing (there, but took a bit of work) was hosting my Workflow's Services and how to exchange data between the Clients and the Workflow (DataExchange in Workflow 1.0 terminology).

It's a very long web cast, but I thought it was worth it.

Here's the link:

~ Robert Shelton

- Follow-up Blog Entry -

I also found a nice blog entry from Guy Burstien in which he gives a nice little demo of how to build a Workflow Enable Service.

Part 1:

Part 2:


~ Robert Shelton