Chevy Chase DevCamp

Windows 8 Dev Camp - Full Day of Hands-On Programming, B.Y.O. Laptop!

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Windows 8 is the single biggest opportunity for developers EVER! Come to a “Windows 8 Dev Camp” event to kick-start your Windows 8 development.
Windows 8 Dev Camp will allow you to get your questions answered!

This is a completely free event, and will start with demos and presentations, and end with hands on lab sessions.
We’ll spend the morning in lecture and hands on labs. Half way through, you’ll get a chance to take what you learned in the morning and start building your application.

Finally, we’ll show you how to make money with your Windows 8 app using the Windows Store, which offers vast reach and the best revenue share model in the industry.

This is also a great opportunity to touch and feelsurface if you have not done so YET!

This camp will arm you with everything you need to know to build windows 8 apps with the skills you already have.
Required Software and Downloads

Please make sure to get the required software and downloads BEFORE coming to the event.

  • Windows 8 Operating System: Go toWindows 8 RTMto install the RTM version of Windows 8. MSDN subscribers will be able to download a fully licensed copy. Others will be able to download an evaluation version of the operating system. Note the evaluation version will expire and you cannot upgrade.
  • Visual Studio 2012: You caninstall either Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8. You can find links to download both tools at for Windows 8 is a free option. You can install an evaluation edition of Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate if you are a non-MSDN subscriber. MSDN Subscribers can install a licensed version of Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.
  • Sign up for aFREE Windows Azure Trial Account


If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the ASK DPE Alias at