Cold Fusion United Conference

I had the distinct pleasure of presenting 1 hour of a 3 hour ASP.NET 2.0 & “Atlas” extravaganza at the Cold Fusion United conference last week with G. Andrew Duthie and Russ Fustino. I learned a valuable lesson from my time spent with Mr Duthie and Fustino. NEVER present immediately after Russ!!! If you’ve never seen Russ present live, it’s, well, an EXPERIENCE that must be seen. Where do I start??? There was the “Bob the Builder” getup (hard hat, suspenders, and all), rockin intro music, balled up t-shirts flying through the crowd… That’s just the first couple minutes. Russ keeps you excited and attentive throughout his presentations. He’s definitely a tough act to follow. All kidding aside, it was a blast to collaborate with those guys!

Brad Adams keynoted one of the days and Drew Robbins presented on IIS7. I really liked Brad’s explanation of User Experience and why it matters. One of Brads demonstrations was an adaptation of the ASP.NET “Atlas” / PHP demo using Cold Fusion as the server side programming technology. Brad’s deck and demo code is available on his blog.

You can download my presentation and demo code here.


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