Free Microsoft 8 Workshop on 7/3 at Reston VA: Getting Started with Creating Windows 8 Apps Using Geospatial Data

My colleagues Frank La Vigne, Joel Reyes and I will conduct a half-day workshop on Windows 8 on Tuesday July 3, 1:30 - 5:00 PM at the COM.Geo conference, a 3-day international conference on computer science and technology for geospatial information research and applications. This workshop is available at no-cost if you attend the workshop only. Click here to register for the workshop

You can get and download Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure tools and other training resources below.


Windows8MetroUISampleDuring the half-day workshop, we will introduce the Windows 8 platform for Metro Style applications and demonstrate how applications can consume and display geospatial data. We will then discuss how to you can scale your Windows apps using Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing and extend the Windows 8 metro experience to the smartphone platform such as Windows Phone. To simulate the application development process, we will use Microsoft Bing Map data for our demo apps.

Please join us to learn how to create Windows 8 Metro Style applications using geospatial data. We will provide several Windows 8 slates/tablets/laptops for you to explore and try Windows 8 application development. Also, feel free to bring your laptops and use our “Windows To Go” USB drives to try Windows 8 on your computers. (This option only uses your laptop’s hardware resources and therefore the operating system and files on your computer will not be changed.)

For attendees who are interested to participate in the Mobile America contest (more detail at we will provide a Q/A session at the end of the workshop.

Admissions to the workshop only are free. Sign up today here.

COM.Geo 2012 Conference Location 

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