Free utility: Building Mashups made easier with Popfly Explorer (Beta)

If you are into building Mashups with Microsoft Popfly, then you'll want to download this free utility.  It allows you to blend Popfly and Visual Studio together in some interesting ways.

Here's the download link: Click here to download

From the site:

Unleash the power of Visual Studio upon your Popfly creations with Popfly Explorer. Popfly Explorer is a plug-in for Visual Studio that lets you:

  • Effortlessly create and host a Popfly web site
  • Access your Visual Studio solutions from anywhere
  • Share Visual Studio solutions with friends
  • Add mash-ups to your web pages
Getting Started

Popfly Explorer Sign-in

To get started, download and install Popfly Explorer. After installation, Popfly Explorer will appear in Visual Studio. Sign in to your Popfly account, and you're ready to go. Don't have a Popfly account yet? Create one here.

Create a Web Site

Popfly Website Project

Making web sites with Popfly Explorer is incredibly easy. Create your web site with Visual Web Developer, then share it on Popfly with Popfly Explorer. Take a look at the possibilities that open up to you with Popfly Explorer and Visual Web Developer.

Access Visual Studio Solutions on Popfly

Opening a Visual Studio Solution

Popfly Explorer enables you to quickly and easily store copies of your Visual Studio solutions on Popfly. You can access your creations from any computer with Visual Studio and Popfly Explorer. You can even share your creations with other Popfly users, and find solutions that have been shared by others.

Comment on your friends' projects

Comment on projects

Interact with your friends: check out their latest projects, rate them and leave comments through Popfly.

~ Robert Shelton

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