How to: SharePoint and Microsoft Popfly working together to bring the best of Web 2.0

OK, so I am not a big fan of the "Web 2.0" moniker myself, but in this case I feel comfortable using it, since in this post I am talking about something that that I think is truly innovative.  Microsoft Popfly is a web "mash-up" tool that Microsoft released a few months back which allows you to graphically build a web data delivery mechanism of data from multiple places.  Although it is not the first tool to do such, I think that the approach that Microsoft took (to make it easier to do) is innovative. 


That being said, the guys from the Microsoft SharePoint Product Team has been nice enough to put together an article that shows you how to use SharePoint lists as one of the data sources that you can expose in your mash-up using Popfly.  I thought that it was interesting, so I am sharing.

Here's the link that describes how to connect SharePoint to Popfly: Click here

~ Robert Shelton