I’m hiring: Public Sector Platform Strategy Advisor, in the DC area

My name is Keith, and I manage the customer evangelism team for public sector Developer and Platform Evangelism.

I’m looking for a Platform Strategy Advisor (PSA).  A PSA combines proven business development skills and technical skills with knowledge of marketing and public relations to develop and deliver early-adoption design wins that have large market impact.  Of course a strong understanding of the Microsoft application platform and tools is a must, but a great PSA can have meaningful conversations with C-Level executives in government, as well as technical people. 

A PSA works with many teams inside of Microsoft.  Of course you have your immediate team of Architect Evangelists and Developer Evangelists, but to be successful you have to have relationships with the sales teams, marketing teams, industry teams and partner teams to name just a few.

For more information about this position, take a look a this posting: Platform Strategy Advisor

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply for it online, but I’d also like to speak with you directly.  My email address is keith dot hurwitz at microsoft dot com.