Join us THIS WEDNESDAY for Migrating iPhone Apps to WP7 Webcast

JOIN US THIS WEDNESDAY, February 9th for Migrating Apps to WP7 Webcast!




Event ID: 1032475206

Product(s): Windows Mobile.

Audience(s): IT Decision Maker, Pro Dev/Programmer.


Event Overview

The WP7 platform offers users a solution that allows for a practical balance of both business and pleasure. As the platform develops, the need for and the desire to migrate popular iPhone applications to the WP7 platform grows, and with an environment that makes it easy on the developer, the end-result for the consumer is even more ideal. The process begins with code analysis and a usability review...followed by development...and an overall QA and comparison. Come find out how migrating your iPhone application to the WP7 platform can be both stress-free and desirable.


Discussion Points:

1. Introductions

2. Our idea

3. What we do...

4. Why migrate?

5. UX Comparisons

6. The end-result...