Microsoft: Real-world SOA

Today, we kicked off the Microsoft SOA/BP Conference.  At this conference, we're articulating the Microsoft approach to successful SOA projects.  This approach is characterized by 1) choosing smaller high-impact projects vs. the "Big Bang" approach of "build it and they will come", 2) involving business stakeholders early in order to solve a real business problem 3) emphasizing user experience as critical to the success of SOA and 4) taking advantage of SOA infrastructure that many customers already own - Visual Studio, Office, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Microsoft application server technologies, and Microsoft management technologies.

Organizations which have successfully used this approach using Microsoft SOA technology include: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dell, Sandvik, JetBlue Airways, and others.  Federal agencies include SPAWAR, Federal Reserve, USDA.

Here are “Real-world SOA” Architecture Resources for you and your customers:
    MSDN Solution Architecture Center
    Microsoft Patterns & Practices
    Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies
    The Architecture Journal  

If you are working in agencies with customers who would be inclined to go out and buy SOA products, please talk to us to help articulate the Microsoft vision for SOA so they can deliver real value using their existing investments in Microsoft technology.

The press release is here.