San Francisco’s Open 311 solution powered by Silverlight and Windows Azure

08/05/2010 - City of San Francisco, CA has launched their Open 311 solution called HeyGov! for San Francisco .  HeyGov! is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering from Microsoft Partner, ISC, that provides a new and engaging way for citizens and governments communicate more effectively in the Web 2.0 era.  

The service requests are captured from device-centric applications or entered by city’s 311 staff into their existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, exposed via an API based on Open 311 standards and visualized via a rich user-interface built with Silverlight 4 and Bing Maps. Built and hosted on the Windows Azure platform, the HeyGov! solution also takes advantage of virtually unlimited storage and processing power of the cloud and provides the ability to quickly address service requests and implement updates even during peak times. 

Nancy Alfaro, Director of the San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center shared the following about their launch of the “HeyGov!” solution for San Francisco.

Four months ago, Mayor Gavin Newsom stood with President Obama’s Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra and launched the Open311 platform. At that time it was just a framework, a canvas, for others to build on. Open311 is a shared platform, created with contributions by Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and other cities.

We’re excited that Microsoft has taken advantage of the platform to bring an open view of service requests in the City to the public. The ability for the public to see what is happening in their community is truly amazing.

We’re also thrilled with the fact that users can see if a request already exists for a problem they are seeing. If there isn’t, the user can create a service request with "Drag and Drop" simplicity. The Work gets routed directly to the agency and the public can check back and see when it has been resolved.

This is a great combination of public data and shared technology with the work done by the ISC’s development team.

Chris Vein, CIO for the City & County of San Francisco showed great leadership in driving the Open 311 vision and momentum, and shared the following.

“HeyGov! represents a new business model where openness, collaboration and innovation are at the center. We see Open311 API as just the start of a much larger effort to create APIs for many more areas of government service delivery,” says Chris Vein, City & County of San Francisco CIO.

Check out the solution HeyGov! for San Francisco on your own.   

Here are the resources to learn about the technologies (Silverlight 4, Windows Azure and Bing Maps)

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