SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) Released

[Cross-posted from Lamont's Blog]

Announced on the SharePoint Team Blog, the SharePoint Deployment Planning Services program has been launched and is geared at helping our Software Assurance (SA) customers sucessfully plan and deploy SharePoint Products & Technologies.  I think this program provides a great resource for those customers who are struggling to make sense of SharePoint technologies or are trying to uncover proven "best practices" around how to properly deploy and implement SharePoint-based solutions.

During my time as a Technology Architect within the Reston, VA Microsoft Technology Center, I worked with a number of customers in definining SharePoint-based solution architectures where we covered topics such as understanding SharePoint architecture, definining portal taxonomies and physical deployment topologies/architecture, development and integration opportunities through Strategy Briefings and Architecture Design Sessions as well as "real world" implementation through Proof of Concept engagements to demonstrate the capabilties of a "live" SharePoint solution.  It's certainly great to see these getting packaged into a set of service offerings that we can make more widely available to our customers and partners.

And speaking of partners, this program is jointly managed by our partner ecosystem as well as Microsoft Consulting Services which together provides proven business and technical expertise in architecting/deploying SharePoint-based solutions for small, medium, and large organizations alike.

To learn more about the SDPS program and what it can do for you, head over to the SDPS website.  Microsoft Partners having strong competency in the Microsoft Office System stack are encouraged to sign up and participate in this growing community.