Silverlight 3 Firestarter and Windows 7 Firestarter On-Demand Content

Here's some great on-demand content that were delivered as part of "Silverlight Firestarter" and "Windows Firestarter" events on Sept 17th and 18th 2009. After clicking the links listed below, scroll down the page to see the on-demand content.

· Download the Silverlight Firestarter technical sessions - With Scott Guthrie leading the roster of presenters, learn what's new and noteworthy in the latest releases of Silverlight and Expression® 3 along with a rundown on .NET RIA services, toolkit, and more.

· Download the Windows Firestarter technical sessions - This Windows Firestarter introduces and deep dives into DirectAccess, Group Policy and PowerShell, Internet Explorer® 8, BitLocker™, AppLocker and User Account Control Features. We dive into how easy it is to deploy Windows 7 – even if you are migrating from XP!

Have fun with Silverlight 3 and Windows 7