Slide deck and demo code from 'Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX' webcast today

Thanks to everyone who attended.  You can download the deck and demo code (with more samples that what I showed) here.  Sorry for the technical difficulties with desktop sharing for the last demo.  Here's a link to a channel 9 screencast I did that is pretty close to the demo.  You can get to all of my screencasts (quite a few ASP.NET AJAX ones) by clicking here.   

Here are links to my previously recorded MSDN webcasts:

Building AJAX-Enabled Applications with ASP.NET Code Name "Atlas" (Level 200)

Client-Centric Programming Using the “Atlas” Client Script Library (Level 300)

The first one is essentially the same presentation as today, but today's is updated with new "ASP.NET AJAX" naming.  The second one is a deeper dive into the Microsoft AJAX Library which is the cross platform, cross browser JavaScript framework on which everything else builds.