Visual Studio 2005 - Update to the Web Project Conversion Wizard

An update to the Web Project Conversion Wizard found in the final release of Visual Studio 2005 (all versions) and Visual Web Developer 2005 is now available here: 

The Web Project Conversion Wizard in Visual Studio 2005 has been updated to handle newly discovered conversion issues. This update will improve the success rate of the wizard and make it easier for developers to convert their Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web projects to the new Visual Studio 2005 Web Site project model. Here are some of the improvements found in this update:

  1. Added ability to exclude files which were previously excluded in Visual Studio .NET 2003
  2. Added ability to access protected, auto-generated control variables
  3. Added ability for converted assembly references to be refreshed when the web project is built
  4. Fixed renaming of aspx and ascx files to lowercase
  5. Improved logic to not convert previously converted files
  6. Renamed the file ConversionReport.txt to ConversionReport.webinfo
  7. Added more detail to messages for file parsing errors
  8. Improved conversion of user controls using base classes


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