WCAG 2.0 is now FINAL!!!

From SlashDot...


"It has been going on nine years now, but finally there are formal standards for Web accessibility for technologies other than HTML. They ask that you start with the press release (lots of links), but regulars might be more entertained by the last time WCAG made the front page here. Many folks here will point out that web accessibility is old hat, and by implication this is hardly news, but if you do Web development for any government organization, you should expect that accessibility is a base requirement. The Section 508 standards are to be updated (relatively) soon too."


This is great news for government developers! Being finalized, this specification incorporates accessibility guidance for Web 2.0 technologies and (hopefully) will help raise awareness and compliance. Look for my upcoming webcast on this topic in FY09

 Happy Holidays everyone!!

-Pat Weikle