WCF Workshop Part 5 (Securing your Service Part 1)

In Part 5 of the series, I’ve shown how to build "Transport-Level" security into your Service to secure the communication between the Service and the Client. In essence, this workshop shows you how to build a WCF Service that will work over HTTPS. In Part 6 of the series, I plan to show how to secure your Service/Client communications by encrypting the message itself with wsSecurity, so stay tuned. If you’ve never done SSL (HTTPS) within ASP.NET, I walk you through the entire process (using a test certificate).

This version of workshop was built with the latest version of the Beta Framework available at the time (July CTP). The previous versions of the workshop are based on Beta 2 (May 06), but will updated soon to the latest Beta available.

To date, the following sections of the workshop series are available:

Part 1: Introduction to WCF (Building a simple Service and Client)

Part 2: Handling Session (State) within WCF

Part 3: Implementing Transactions within WCF

Part 4: Handling Complex Data between Service and Client with WCF

Part 5: Securing the Service/Client Communication with Transport-Level Security


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Download location: http://www.federaldeveloper.com/workshops

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