WCF Workshops updated to Release Candidate 1

I've just finished updating all of the Windows Communications Foundation Workshops to the Release Candidate 1 build.  There's been a lot of changes from the Beta 2 builds, so if you've had a chance to work the labs within the workshop you might want to take another look. :) 


Here's a list of the 6 parts

Part 1: Introduction to WCF (Building a simple WCF Service and Client)

Part 2: Handling Session (State) within WCF

Part 3: Implementing Enterprise-Level Transactions with WCF

Part 4: Handling Complex Data between Services and Clients with WCF

Part 5: Securing the Service/Client Communications with Transport-Level Security (SSL over HTTP) with WCF

Part 6: Securing the Service/Client Communications with Message-Level Security (Message Encryption) with WCF


Happy coding,


~ Robert Shelton


Download location: http://www.federaldeveloper.com/workshops

Blog series location: http://blogs.msdn.com/federaldev/archive/category/13824.aspx


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