WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Adding Mapping Capabilities to your Applications with Virtual Earth and ASP.NET AJAX

Thanks to everyone who attended!  All of my latest VE content is available here.  Direct links:


VE Map Control (v5) / ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code (requires VS2008 Beta 2) 

WPF Demo Code (requires VS2008 Beta 2)

ClickOnce Deployed WPF Demo (requires that the .NET Framework 3.0 be installed on the desktop before running)

I mentioned both IDV's Visual Fusion products and MapDotNet Server a few times as responses to some of the "How do I do X?" questions.  Have a look at both products to see how they build on top of Virtual Earth.  Both IDV & ISC (makers of MapDotNet Server) delivered webcasts for me recently.  You can get to the recorded webcasts here

If you missed today's webcast, then you can watch a recording here.

There were a few questions I couldn't completely answer.  Once I get the Q&A log, I will hunt down answers and blog them.

UPDATE: I forgot about Chris Pietschmann's ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control.