Webcast: What is New for Data Access in Visual Basic 9

Please join us this coming Friday when Mike Benkovich from MSDN will explore the exciting new Data Access features added to Visual Basic 9.

When: Friday, December 7th 2:00pm – 3:30pm EST

Target: Public Sector Developers/Architects

Event Description: Visual Basic continues to be an exciting and powerful language! Equality enabling the enterprise professional developers as  well as individual programmers… innovation in the language continues. In this Webcast we will explore the new data access capabilities brought into VB9 via LINQ. There are features of LINQ specific to Visual Basic, a testimony of the commitment to innovation in the language of generations.  Come learn about simplifying querying data via integrated query and transform operations, as well as simplifications in working with XML, like imposing structure on XML w/no schema… and more…

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