Why Develop Government App on Windows Phone 7?

Mobility is no longer a trend or a fashion statement, it is a matter of life style! And citizens are at the center of this new reality. For citizens to be able to access government services at the point and place of need is not only ideal, but expected. Governments at all levels recognize this requirement and the potential for efficiency, cost saving, and more direct involvement of its constituency.

Being able to leverage past and current investment is fundamental considering the current state of affairs relative to government constrained budgets and skills scarcity. Therefore, having a platform that extends naturally to the mobile world is a key component of any successful platform. This succinct fact makes Windows Phone 7 the ideal platform solution for government mobility.

Platform Standards

Windows Phone 7 builds on the success of our modern development platform which means designers and developers can leverage existing infrastructure and in fact software services can be consumed as is. Adding expediency to mobilizing otherwise traditional government services.

Development Skills

This Platform integration means that developer skills too are leveraged and maximized; so agencies are able to produce new mobile solutions rather fast without much additional training. This has a direct impact on efficiency and cost savings. While providing the additional benefit of developer reward by enabling creativity to strive.

Device Standardization

Windows Phone 7 creates an elegant balance between device choice and device standardization. Windows Phone 7 avoids two extremes: having only one choice or having too many choices. Instead, it provide baseline device capabilities that guarantee that the whole echo system can participate in a differential way. And it does so without sacrificing or punishing the developer of applications to have to contend with unmanaged device proliferation. Not to mention guaranteeing a high level of application compatibility from device to device.

Free Development Tools

Developing citizen solutions for Windows Phone 7 is a very natural experience for developers that are familiar with Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight as well as the designers with Expression Blend. The Visual Studio environment is extended with phone-specific capabilities like full fidelity emulator. As an added benefit government developers can simply use the free environment that is available to build full fledge Windows Phone 7 apps.

User Experience (Work and Play)

All of us exist under two distinct but interconnected personas. We are employees while at work and individuals otherwise; yet, always citizens. Windows Phone 7 provides, and allows the construction of, mobile solutions that enable these two personas to coexist effectively within one device experience. The user interface requires little training! Expanding its accessibility simply because the design principals dictate a direct, simple yet sophisticated presentation experience . The UI is driven by a key priority to surface that things that we care about the most with the least amount of distraction. These design principles have been captured on the design tools allowing for very consistent mobile applications.


Why develop for Windows Phone 7? Because in an age of economic uncertainty governments know that making the best of what you have is smart, using standards is ideal, leveraging what you already know is productive, getting free tools is economical, while having the choice for full end-to-end experience is comforting. Why develop for Windows Phone 7? Because it is fun, modern, liberating and personal.

Welcome to the age of open-mobile government! Welcome to Windows Phone 7.


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    • There are many Windows Phone 7 developer events going on throughout the country. See attached for the current list of events.
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More information on the Developer Tools release can be found at the Windows Phone for Developers website.

Joel Reyes
Windows Phone 7 Champ, Public Sector