At the conference, on Eastern time but less over-committed than I thought :-)

I FINALLY arrived at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing around 8PM last night.  I’ve been thinking about and planning for the conference since February.  (Not as long as the organizers, but that’s still a long time!)  I arrived in time to meet up with some folks at the Poster Session and to attend a meeting with all of the other Microsoft folks in attendance.  After doing some email and finally getting to sleep late, I woke up at my normal time and was ready to go at 4AM local time!  At least I won’t have guilt about not checking email today.  Done and done.

What am I doing today?  I would love to tell you that I had my program 100% planned in advance, but this year this was not the case.  This morning I was excited to put the finishing touches on my plans and very happy to see that I don’t have any overlaps today OR tomorrow.  It’s a bit of a miracle really. 

Some of the highlights of my calendar today are:

  • PRESENTING!  Come visit me in Tucson E at 11:15AM.  With other panelists from EA, ACM, and IEEE, I’ll be discussing Landing a Job and Succeeding in Industry: Bridging the gap between in-class learning and job-related skills.  It’s on the Student track.
  • Booth time.  Our Microsoft booth has some great giveaways. I may or may not have eaten one of the Microsoft chocolate bars at 5AM today.  We have recruiters here from MSR and College Recruiting.  I didn’t sign up until booth time until tomorrow, but you’ll likely find me here during the busy break times.
  • Blogging!  I only have one assigned blogging session today, about Careers in Robotics. 
  • Tweeting.  You may have heard the goal that GHC would LOVE to be trending on twitter today.  I’m @dianecu and will likely twitter more personal anecdotes than interesting insights, but I’ll definitely try to help the cause.

I’m participating in the CONNECT project and would love to meet more of you.  You can find me wandering around today in my black glittery Microsoft shirt.  Normally that’d set me apart more than it does today. ;-)  T-30 minutes until I can go register!

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