How to get started with .NET using Terrarium

Random .NET Ramblings talks about Terrarium, a game created to learn .NET programming.  He used this game at UCSD to get students a head start with .NET.  

“Back in the day Microsoft created a code base to be used to help people learn .NET programming. The format was a cool game called Terrarium, the concept was that using .NET code you would build creatures of different types. You had to build each creature within a range of specifications if your animal met the specifications you could put in in to the Terrarium environment and see how it manages with the goal that your creatures take over the Terrarium.

If you want to learn .NET or know someone who dose you might point them to the new version on CodePlex. The URL is, just don’t get too sucked in to it! :)”

Thanks for the great post! and thanks Bill Simser for supporting this project.  Bill is a Microsoft MVP and blogs about Terrarium and many other .NET experiences.