MSDN AA Admins: Simplify your life! Switch to Hosted ELMS for MSDN Academic Alliance

The MSDN Academic Alliance is a great opportunity for student clubs, faculty, and academic departments to enable their students and courses with free software.  Administering this system, however, has been a bit cumbersome in the past.  Last year, I stumbled through the learning process of setting up my own account and while the process works it was difficult to navigate.

This year we are responding to the over-burdened administrator.  Your days of supporting your own local MSDN AA Server or MSDN AA CD library could be over!  MSDN AA now comes with a Hosted ELMS Solution.  This enables remote hosting of available software.  Switching is easy and should take less than a half hour.  This was a process I didn't struggle with and made a huge impact on me ... enough to provide some how-to videos. 

Where to get started?  Watch this video to Transition your MSDN AA account over to a Hosted ELMS Solution (followed by a video on setting up users:  Add Users to Hosted ELMS).  Download the Hosted ELMS User Guide for a reference.


Video: MSDN AA Transition to Hosted ELMS

Video: MSDN AA Add Users to Hosted ELMS