Tom Ziegmann in Arizona Reports on MIX10


I’m Tom Ziegmann and I’m the IT Student Insider. Taking on the challenge of being one of the first Student Insiders is nothing new to me. At the age of 16, I was an intern at Microsoft on the Windows Home Server marketing team. I’m currently a freshman (almost sophomore) in college working towards a degree in multimedia journalism. I’m a long time user of Microsoft products and I’ve been fortunate to be involved in technical beta testing of several Microsoft products. I operate a blog called Tom on Tech where I focus on providing my opinion and analysis of new tech products and software, and now talk about my experiences as a Microsoft Student Insider. You can always either find me on my blog or on Twitter!


See what Tom has to say about MIX10

Get excited for MIX 2010

MIX 2010: 5 Days Away

Tom brings a student perspective to Azure and Surface:

Introduction to Windows Azure

Microsoft Surface – What is it and how does it work?



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