Request for Proposal - Cellphone as a Platform for Healthcare

Microsoft Research (MSR) unterstützt Forschung im Bereich Healthcare mit $1.000.000,--.

Microsoft Research is pleased to announce a new worldwide Request for Proposals (RFP):  Cellphone as a Platform for Healthcare.
For full details, guidelines, and instructions, please visit:

Submission deadline
The RFP due date is October 29, 2007, Noon, PDT (-8 UTC/GMT)

The total amount available under this request for proposals (RFP) is $1,000,000. Microsoft anticipates making approximately 10-12 awards averaging $80,000, with a maximum of $100,000 for any single award.

RFP highlights
This worldwide RFP seeks to incubate creative and novel healthcare solutions that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for ‘smart’ mobile phones. An additional focus is the creation of appropriate services, systems, and infrastructures to provide solutions to the global healthcare community. We feel that cell phones and inexpensive, commonly available sensor devices have an opportunity to reach people who until now have not previously had access to technology-based healthcare solutions.  Along with the funding, awardees will receive cellphones and relevant software to help enable their research.


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