Request for Proposals 2008 - Safe And Scalable Multi Core Computing

The emergence of multi/many core architectures and the expected rapid growth in number of cores per chip is changing the landscape of computing.  Conventional wisdom holds that the number of cores per chip will double with each new generation, per-core performance is leveling off and may in fact decline, and general purpose computing is making the irreversible transition toward parallel architectures.  Meanwhile, other processing units such as many core GPU’s are delivering tremendous computing power and present additional opportunities for next-generation systems and applications.

These fundamental shifts require rethinking the abstractions and mechanisms used to build and run systems and applications.  It’s not clear that current tools, methods, and infrastructure can support composing and running safe and scalable concurrent software.  New concurrent runtimes and operating systems, transactional memory, heterogeneous multiprocessing, parallel programming languages, cooperative resource management, virtualization, and speculative execution are among the many areas deserving attention.

The Safe and Scalable Multi Core Computing RFP will fund three-year research projects in the area of multi core computing, focusing on mainstream “client” platforms.  This worldwide RFP seeks to stimulate and enable bold, substantial, and impactful research in multi core software, breakthrough research which rethinks the relationships between computer architecture, operating systems, runtimes, compilers, and applications, and yields new mechanisms and paradigms that will lead to safe and scalable concurrent systems and applications.


This RFP will fund three-year research projects.  The total amount available under the RFP is US$1,500,000.  Microsoft Research anticipates making approximately 7-9 awards averaging US$165,000, with a maximum of US$330,000 for any single award.  This is a worldwide RFP.  Awards will be made in $US and paid in annual installments.  Awards are generally made as unrestricted gifts to the institution.

Schedule and Deadlines

Announcement: January 23, 2008

First date for submission of proposals: January 23, 2008

Deadline for submission of proposals: March 13, 2008, 14:00 PST (Note: PST= -8 UTC/GMT, PDT = -7 UTC/GMT)

Notification of Awards: April 22, 2008

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