Vortrag von Dave Welsh (Microsoft USA) - Service Orientation and Microsoft, unplugged


In 1990 there were actually questions about whether graphical user interfaces had merit. In 1995 the impetus for a new center of gravity in software came from the then nascent web. In 2000, in the waning days of the dotcom bubble, people came to the conclusion that the internet should go beyond browsing and should support programmability on a global scale. It’s 2006 and the software landscape has changed (or evolved?) yet again – this time around services.

Software products have embraced the internet in many amazing ways, but for all the success software efforts have not always led to the degree that perhaps they could have realized. Today tremendous software-and-services activity is occurring at the grass roots level where many new business models treat the ‘raw’ internet as a platform and the work of these developments could be improved with a new services platform.

There is a shift underway in the software landscape that started with consumers and is progressively working its way towards the enterprise – changing how software is monetized as with advertising driven models, how software is delivered such as software as a service (SaaS), and ultimately what kind of software is ultimately embraced.

With Microsoft present in so many markets serving so many audiences, and with such a broad variety of products and solutions, Microsoft is positioned to deliver new experiences to customers, enabled by services and service-enhanced software.

This lecture will go behind the story of Microsoft and service orientation and talk about how Microsoft is looking at SOA, how Microsoft is looking at modeling and where model driven architecture is going, and how Microsoft is promoting interoperability and engaging with Standards. The lecture will talk about the changing (or emerging) IT and business services market globally with real world case studies; unplugged.

wann: Dienstag, 5.12.2006, 17:00 - 19:00

wo: 1040 Wien, Gußhausstraße 25; Hörsaal EI3 Sahulka <http://www.wegweiser.ac.at/tuwien/hoersaal/E3.html>