Få overblikket - Visual Studio Announcements


Key Announcements fra Connect (); Konferencen i New York


  • Reimagined Build System in Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online
    • Microsoft has listened to customer feedback and Brian Harry previewed the new build system in TFS and Visual Studio Online.  You can take a look at the demo in Brian Harry’s keynote at the Microsoft Connect(); event.
    • Build definition versioning/auditing so you can know who changed your build definition, what changes they made and why.
    • A cross platform build agent so that you can automate builds for Mac and Linux too (or even builds than span a PC, Mac and Linux).
    • These new updates will be available in a future release of Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server.
    • You can find out more details by reading Brian Harry’s blog or watching Brian Harry’s keynote at the Microsoft Connect(); event.


  • Pluralsight top-of-the-line developer training for MSDN subscribers (retail and volume licensing).
    • The new benefit provides subscribers with technical, developer-focused training delivered by industry experts. You can learn more by watching this video.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 (RTW)
    • A new GPU Usage tool in the Performance and Diagnostics hub helps you determine whether the CPU or the GPU is the performance bottleneck
    • Improvements to JSON and HTML editors, as well as enhanced tool for Azure Web Jobs.
    • Support for SQL Server 2014 from SQL Server Data Tool projects and other enhancements
    • Various enhancements and new features to Team Foundation Server, with highlights such as Git Pull Requests and other improvements to work planning, test case management, and release management
    • For full details on what’s new in this update please read our release notes or watch this overview video.


  • Visual Studio 2015 Preview and .NET 2015 Preview available for download
    • Ability to create ASP.NET 5 websites that can run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. For more details see this blog post.
    • Integrated support for building apps that run across devices with integration of Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova and our new Visual C++ tools for cross-platform library development.
    • Connected Services experience enabling easier integration of services into apps including 0ffice 365, SalesForce and Azure Platform Services.
    • Visual Studio Emulator for Android, which provides a great and integrated experience for developers using Visual Studio to build for Android.
    • New coding productivity capabilities, enabled by the new .NET compiler platform (Roslyn).
    • Smart Unit Testing helps developers explore their .NET code to generate a suite of unit tests that helps not only increase code coverage but understands all of the code paths to increase arc coverage. You can find out more details by reading about Smart Unit Tests on MSDN or by watching the short overview video.
    • For full details on what’s new in this preview release see our release notes.


  • Additional releases
    • Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova updated CTP for Visual Studio 2013 (details)
    • Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview (details)
    • Azure SDK 2.5 RTW (details)
  • Announcing .NET Going Open Source and Cross-Platform as well as Visual Studio Community 2013
    • The next release of .NET will enable all developers to build .NET cloud applications on Windows, Linux and Mac. This will be implemented and fully supported by Microsoft, and available as open source, you can learn all the details here. We also announced Visual Studio Community 2013 which provides a free development environment designed for students, open source contributors and individual developers.


  • Release Management
    • Release Management as a Service – Visual Studio Online now provides a hosted Release Management service to help your team automate and model your release process.  You no longer need to manage your own Release Management infrastructure.  A public preview is available for you to try the Release Management service today.
    • Licenses no longer needed for deployment targets - Effective January 1, 2015, target servers receiving automated deployments from Release Management in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online will no longer require Visual Studio Deployment licenses.
    • Cloud Deployment Projects - enable you to describe both topology and the configuration of your application & environment as code using PowerShell and Desired State Configuration (DSC) scripts.  This allows developers and IT Operations specialists to collaborate on environment topologies & configurations so that new environments can be provisioned more easily that match production. You can try out Cloud Deployment Projects in the Visual Studio 2015 Preview and with the Azure SDK 2.5 update.
    • You can find out more details by reading Brian Harry’s blog or watching Brian Harry’s keynote at the Microsoft Connect(); event.



Learn More, Watch On-demand

Want to learn more? You can dive deeper into the technical details behind the announcements with over 50 short on-demand technical videos, multiple Q&A sessions and recordings of the keynotes if you missed them.  Watch it here and for free: Channel9: Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure