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Word Programming

Word Online Documentation:

Object Model Reference

Object Model Map

Programming Tasks


Word Newsgroups and Forums:

Word VBA AddIn

Word VBA Beginners

Word VBA Customization

Word VBA General


Word Blogs and FAQs

Word Team Blog

Brian Jones & Zeyad Rajabi

Word MVP site

Excel Programming

Excel Online Documentation

Excel 2010 Object Models changes

Excel Object Models Reference

Excel Common Tasks





Excel 2010 Xll Developer Reference

Excel How-to Videos and Walkthroughs


Excel Newsgroups and Forums

Excel Programming

Excel Worksheet Functions


Excel Blogs and FAQs

Excel Team blog

Ron’s Excel Tips

Brian Jones & Zeyad Rajabi

Outlook Programming

Outlook Programming Online Document

Outlook Object Model Reference

Outlook Form Script Reference

Outlook MAPI Reference

Outlook How-to articles

Outlook Video and Walkthroughs


Outlook Newsgroup and Forums

Outlook Programming VBA

Outlook Programming Form

Outlook Programming AddIn

Outlook Code Forum


Outlook Blogs and FAQs

Outlook Team Blog

Eric Legault Outlook blog


Outlook Samples and Tools

Samples on Outlook Code

Outlook Redemption library




Office Fluent UI


Developer Overview of the User Interface for Office 2007 system

Customizing Office Fluent Ribbon for Developers

Customizing Office Document Inspector


Fluent UI Walkthroughs





Quick Access Toolbar

Dynamic Menus



Command repurpose


Office Fluent UI Videos

Channel9 Ribbon


Office Fluent UI Blogs and FAQs

Jensen Harris

Office 2010 Team blog

Ron de Bruin


Office Fluent UI Tools and Downloads

2007 Office System Documents Lists of Control IDs

Icon Gallery AddIn

Access Ribbon Extensibility Sample

Custom UI Editor Tool

Visual Studio Tools for Office

VSTO Documentation

General Reference

Managed Reference

Unmanaged Reference API

VSTO Architecture

VSTO Solution Upgrading and Migration

Build and Debug VSTO solutions

VSTO Deployment

VSTO Security

VSTO Data Solutions


VSTO Forum

VSTO Forum


VSTO Blogs and FAQs

VSTO Team Blog

Misha Shneerson

Andrew Whitechapel

Eric Carter



VSTO Videos

MSDN VSTO Solution Videos



VSTO Sample and Projects


MSDN Code Gallery

Office Business Application


Downloads and Tools


VSTO PowerTools

COM Shim Wizard

VSTO Runtime 3.0

VSTO updated Runtime 2.0

Office Open XML SDK

Office Open XML SDK Documentation

Introduction to Office Open XML File Format

Open XML SDK Reference

Open XML SDK How to articles

What’s New in SDK 2.0

Open XML SDK 2.0 Design Considerations

Open XML SDK Standard


Office Open XML Blogs

Brian Jones & Zeyad Rajabi

Doug Mahugh

Eric White

Gray Matter


Office Open XML Videos

MSDN How to Center


Office Open XML Downloads

Open XML SDK 2.0 RTM

Open XML SDK 2.0 Code Snippets

PowerTools for Open XML

Open XML Package Explorer

Word Content Control Toolkit


Open XML Forum and Newsgroup

MSDN Forum

Office XML newsgroup

Open XML Developer Forum

Office Open Document Format Implementation


Open XML SDK 2.0 FAQ