Community Goodies: Silverlight for PC


Tools and Enviroment


Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Visual Studio 2010

Expression Studio 3

Expression Blend 4 RC


Silverlight Toolkit

Silverlight3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Silverlight4 Tools RC2 for Visual Studio 2010


WCF RIA Services Toolkit

WCF RIA Hotfix(For WCF RIA Beta)


Application and Programming Models

Managed API for Silverlight

Dynamic Languages in Silverlight

Communication Between Local Silverlight-Based Applications

Out-of-Browser SupportAlternative Hosting

Layout, Text, and Input


Graphics, Animation, and Media


Integrating Silverlight with a Web Page

Types, Properties, Methods, and Events

Data Access and Data Structures Networking and Communication Debugging, Error Handling, and Exceptions

Deployment and Localization Performance Security

Hot Blogs

Laurent Duveau

Description: Microsoft MVP(Silverlight), Professional Web Developer and .Net Trainer

Jeff Prosise

Description: He makes is living programming Microsoft .Net and teaching others how to do the same.

Mike Taulty

Description: He works in the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft in UK  

Beat Kiener

Description: Microsoft Certificated Technology Specialist.     Innovation Award from Microsoft for the Silverlight Client called “evidence nova“ which he involves

Justin Angel

Description: Former Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit Program Manager


Description: Member of ObjectSharp, Silverlight Community Active Member

Nikhil Kothari

Description: A famous Software Architect at Microsoft, working on the .NET Developer Platform (Silverlight, ASP.NET, RIA Services and more...)

Saurabh Pant

Description: Microsoft PROGRAM MANAGER for WCF RIA Services

Scott Morrsion

Description: Microsoft Program Manager

Scott Guthrie

Description: Microsoft Coperate VP

Dave Relyea

Description: Microsoft Senior Development Lead

Shawn Wildermuth

Description: A Microsoft MVP(c#) and the founder of Wildermuth Consulting Services, also the author of several books and articles.

Jeff Handley

Description: A Senior Develop Engineer, focus on WCF RIA.

Greg Schechter

Descritpion: A famous Architect, focus on Bing Maps, WPF and Silverlight

Colin Blair

Description: Microsoft MVP(Silverilght), a specialist at WCF RIA

Jeff Wilcox

Description: A Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, on the Silverlight team.

Brab Abrams

Description: Former Program Manager at Microsoft.