November Issue of MSDN Magazine

As I wrote earlier, the Government Special Issue of MSDN Magazine, currently live on our Web site, is worth checking out. The articles in the special issue are all aligned toward government-focused app dev scenarios, but the principles and concepts definitely have universal appeal.

There’s more going on than the special issue this month. The regularly-scheduled November issue of MSDN Magazine is packed full of valuable technical guidance for working developers. Among the highlights is this month’s lead feature on building Office 365 business applications using Visual Studio 2013. Also check out the third and final installment of Brent Edwards’ informative MVVM development feature (Writing a Testable Presentation Layer with MVVM). Also be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of the series.

In between are a pair of features focused on ASP.NET and the Web API. Vittorio Bertocci follows up our widely-read October feature on the Katana Project (Getting Started with the Katana Project) with a look at how new features in Visual Studio 2013 let you create a simple Web API protected by Windows Azure Active Directory (AD). Like Howard Dierking’s Katana feature, Bertocci’s article leans on the Microsoft Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN). Check it out here.

Finally, there’s Mike Wasson’s piece on building single-page applications, (Single-Page Applications: Build Modern, Responsive Web Apps with ASP.NET). Wasson shows how JavaScript frameworks make it easy to create compelling single-page applications that deliver a more app-like experience to Web browsers.

Of course, the issue includes columns from the usual suspects, including Dino Esposito, Kenny Kerr, Charles Petzold, and the two-headed monster of Bruno Terkaly and Ricardo Villalobos. Oh, and don’t look now, but David Platt is offering unsolicited advice to Microsoft. Again.

Is there a specific topic or scenario you’d like to see covered in the pages of MSDN Magazine? Email me at or leave us a comment below.